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Below are some commonly asked questions related to our products. If you have other questions, feel free to call our friendly customer service team on 09 4788859

Q: Where does Goldmax source its ingredients?

A: We are committed to including premium quality ingredients in all Goldmax products. To achieve this, we source ingredients from around the globe. Such as Fonterra, Danisco..etc

Q: Did Goldmax products make in New Zealand?

A: Yes, We made in New Zealand.

Q: Who can take goldmax probiotics product?

A: For all children, who do not allege with dairy prodcuts.

Q: Is Goldmax's packaging recyclable?

A: All Goldmax's packaging is recyclable. You will notice that most of our bottled products feature the recycling symbol on the bottom; however, even the packaging without the symbol is recyclable.

Q: are Goldmax products certified by GMP and RMP New Zealand?

A: Yes, All of our products are certified by GMP and RMP New Zealand.




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